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                                     Please click here for our latest update on the COVID-19 situation, and resources for exercise while in social isolation.

This space is for updates on the NSFA's activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, advice on home exercise, and links to NSFA Member's online exercise resources.  Please check back as the situation develops.   

The information immediately below is for NSFA members and professional exercise educators.  Information for the general public is further down on this page.

UPDATE April 29, 2020

We have received word from MSVU that they will not be opening for the month of June as per provincial orders.  Therefore our Exercise Leadership Summit (#ELS2020) back-up date of June 20th is cancelled.

We have booked October 17th at MSVU for a stripped-down version of the Summit, and the annual Fall Fitness Brunch is cancelled fro 2020.  We don't know for sure yet if the October date will happen, we just have it booked in case the campus is open by then.  As soon as we get the green light, we'll book presenters and start registration. 


Terri & The NSFA Board

COVID-19 Announcement regarding courses & events:

  We are sad to announce that Mount St. Vincent University has cancelled all bookings until June 1st, therefore we are cancelling our annual Exercise Leadership Summit  (#ELS2020) as well as the Exercise Theory, Group Exercise Leader and Resistance Trainer courses.  Course and workshops at other venues might still happen on their scheduled date but students in those programs should be prepared for cancellation as well. 

 Anyone who wold like their Summit registration refunded, please contact Terri, otherwise we'll see you on June 20th.

Terri and Kaycie held 2 Live Stream sessions on Facebook on M arch 24th, 2020.  The videos can be seen on our Facebook page in the Video section and on our YouTube channel

  Addition - April 2, 2020:   Please also see below for the latest update from our insurer, HUB International.

NSFA Board

March 25, 2020

PLEASE NOTE: The message below came in on April 2nd and replaces the previous message from March 25th from HUB International.  This is in regard to the insurance each NFLA member carries for their teaching work.  Please pay particular attention to the highlighted section if you're teaching online.

NSFA Board

 Dear NSFA,

We have been working tirelessly with your insurer, Markel, to develop a reasonable extension for NFLA Fitness Leaders to deliver online training during this pandemic.  We thank you for your patience.

Currently your policy provides coverage to any fitness leader that conducts online training as long as it is within 10% of their annual gross revenue. As an accommodation until September 30, 2020, your insurers have agreed to lift the restriction and extend coverage to any fitness leader or personal trainer, subject to the following restrictions:

  • All participants must be existing registered clients.
  • Participants must login to the permitted delivery tool, and register to participate in a class.
  • Publicly accessible broadcast tools such Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube, etc. and pre-recorded videos are not acceptable methods of delivering online training.  This is because these platforms do not allow two way video and communication for fitness leaders to determine if participants are in distress, or performing exercises in a way that could lead to injury.
  • Permitted delivery tools must include the use of controlled, multi-screen video conferencing programs with two-way video  and communication, such as Skype or Zoom.
  • All injuries must be documented.
  • Instructors must advise HUB International Insurance Brokers in writing before initiating online classes, and include the following information:

1.      Number of online classes per week

2.      Instructor’s remote location, bearing in mind facilities are closed

3.      Class content (activities to be conducted)

4.      Number of participants per class (ensure all participants are current registered clients before the start of the session)

5.      Class is limited to the number of participants that can be viewed on a single screen, with no more than four (4) participants in one location while following Provincial Physical Distancing Guidelines

6.      Participants must have completed the necessary Par-Q forms

  • Instruction to professional athletes and carded amateur athletes is strictly prohibited.
  • Coverage does not extend to work-related rehabilitation of any condition.

If fitness leaders will be conducting online classes that exceed 10% of their gross revenues, they will need to contact us directly at TOS.Team-FitnessLeaders@hubinternational.com or 604-269-1919 to have an endorsement issued. The additional premium charged will be $10.00.

Lastly, we would like to recommend posting the new protocol onto your website to update your fitness leaders.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us


HUB International

HUB International Insurance Brokers

400-4350 Still Creek Drive

Burnaby,BC V5C 0G5

Office: 604-269-1977

Mobile: 604-240-3731

Fax: 604-269-1001



Message regarding annual CEC requirement:

Dear NSFA members, 

Message regarding annual CEC requirement:

Dear NSFA members, 

We are extending the usual deadline for Continuing Education Credits. Rather than requiring you complete the CECs in time for the June renewal, the new deadline for CEC completion for this year is December 31, 2020.

Stay safe,

Judi Harvey, CEC Manager


PS: Anyone who's CPR renewal is due from March 2020 onward, your new deadline is also Dec 31, 2020.




Message regarding NFLA Insurance for teaching online:

We are currently waiting to hear form our national insurance broker on this issue.  For now, please assume your NFLA insurance doesn't cover you for online classes - they're working on a solution, but it may require extra paperwork and/or fees.

They have told us that if you're still teaching in-person classes or personal training, you're not covered if a client contracts COVIS-19 while exercising with you.

Stay tuned!

Terri M Roberts, Executive Director.

Online Instructor Training Modules:

For those who intended to take Exercise Theory and other certification courses with us this spring, please visit our sister organization, Manitoba Fitness Council, and see their online store for web-based learning options.

Exercise Information for the general public

Information about Exercise in Nova Scotia during the COVID-19 pandemic

- Gyms, recreation centres, outdoor classes, and private classes or personal training sessions are all closing or being cancelled at different times in various locations.  Please contacts the venue of your fitness activity for information, or in the case where the instructor rents the venue, contact the instructor directly. 

- Please be careful watching online workout videos or downloading workout programs.  Not all people teaching fitness are credentialed for teaching or training.  Please vet the presenter before you participate in any workout you find on the internet.  If your instructor is a member of our organization, you can verify their certification is current by visiting our Registry page.

- Please consider supporting your favourite NSFA members in their online endeavors.  Most fitness industry professionals do not have a single, full-time job with benefits and therefore won't be paid anything right now.  Many of us work part-time at several jobs, including freelance work, and are currently missing all or some of our sources of income.  Creating online content is currently the only way most of us can make any income.

 If they blog, YouTube, podcast, or live stream fitness content please read, watch or listen.  Even if you aren't following the workout (or whatever content they provide) let it play through as many of these platforms pay based on how many people see or listen to the content.  Please also click on the advertisements as ads are how these platforms generate income to pay the instructor.  If they have a Pateron account or are doing crowdfunding please contribute and/or share their accounts on your own social media. 

- If you are a non-exerciser and wondering if you can begin exercising while stuck at home during social isolation, please look at the PAR-Q document.  If you answer "yes" to any of the 7 questions at the top of the 1st page, you should consult your doctor or a nurse practitioner before you begin to exercise. Please read the full document for details.

This is a standard document used by all NSFA members and our partners in the NFLA in other provinces across Canada. 

Online Exercises Videos/Resources from NSFA members:

Please visit the MSVU Fitness Centre on Facebook for exercise videos with Melissa (plays as Facebook videos), or to join Brigitte's online classes via Microsoft Teams  https://www.facebook.com/MountFitnessCentre/

The following NSFA members are offering online classes via social media.  Please contact them directly via the links below:

Amber Allan 

Kaycie Lane

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