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Fitness Leadership 11

Nova Scotia High School Credit

The Nova Scotia Department of Education has approved a high school course called Fitness Leadership 11 for schools across the province to use as an option for the Phys Ed requirement for graduation. 

While this course *might* cover the knowledge required to pass our national exams, there is no guarantee that each individual high school teacher will cover all the necessary material.  Students who have taken Fitness 11 are welcome to challenge our exams (see FAQ page for more exam information), but there is no guarantee of passing.  The pass mark is 80% for all of our written and practical exams, not the 50% required to pass high school courses. 

Students (& parents), we caution you that while you can take our courses and exams as a high school student, you cannot be insured and therefore fully qualified to teach/train clients on your own, until you turn 19 years old.  Anyone under 19 will require an adult to be responsible for them and their clients while teaching.  We cannot provide insurance of any kind for anyone who is under 19.  You are welcome to search for an insurance company who will insure you under the age of majority. 

Teachers, please consider joining the NSFA if you are teaching the Fitness Leadership 11 course.  We can provide you with resources and professional development opportunities specific to this line of work.  Please get in touch and get the most up-to-date industry standards.

Teachers and school administrators may contact our Chair, Terri Roberts (terri@nsfitness.ca) who is also a licensed high school teacher, for information and resources. 

Click here for a copy of the SCOs for Fitness Leadership 11.

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