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Who Do I Hire? is a brochure for gym owners, recreation managers, event planners and anyone who might be in the role of hiring an exercise educator. It explains what each certification trains us to do so you can save time searching for the right instructor or trainer for your needs.

 ATTN Members of the general public:

 1. All NSFA members are on the provincial Registry, however only those who are Regular members, i.e. they have certifications issued by the NSFA, are nationally and internationally registered.  Associate members may have outside certifications or be students in the process of obtaining NSFA certification. 

The NSFA and our national & international affiliates cannot vouch for certifications not administered by the NSFA (listed as Non-NSFA Certifications in the table below).  We allow our members to list them here as a courtesy, not as an endorsement from us of these certifications. 

 2. Please do not send messages to NSFA members, listed below, asking for information on NSFA courses, pricing, policies or events. Please direct all such inquiries to info@nsfitness.ca.  The contact form for individual members is for hiring purposes and individual business inquiries directly to the member only. 

The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-profit organization.


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