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Crazy is Contagious - Guest blog by Daphne Arsenault

21 Dec 2015 6:11 PM | Deleted user
Oh the snow of winter 2015, snow, snow, and more snow. All that snow made it difficult to get around. When the snow finally melted, or at least, melted enough for people to get around the joy was evident. Walkers, runners, people everywhere. I was one of those people and while it was great, it sure was messy. The melting snow had given way to garbage. Lots of it.  My friend, Luke MacDonald also anxious to get outside for a run, did a quick loop around his neighbourhood and he felt great.  And motivated. Luke is always looking for a way to challenge himself and others, and so, the “National Litter Run” was born.  A few Facebook posts, tweets, and word of mouth had people involved. The idea was to pick up the garbage along your regular running route.  Luke and a friend did a 5k run along Quinpool Road in Halifax. It took an hour and 15 minutes and they collected 19 bags of garbage!  Word quickly spread and before long a date was set. Dec 4, 2015 would be National Litter Run Day. 

I accepted the challenge, along with my running partner, Darrell. We did a 5k run and picked up 3 bags of garbage. It was an absolute blast!  People wanted to help, to get involved. Pick up litter.  Crazy, right?  But crazy is contagious. Groups in Cole Harbour, throughout the greater Halifax area, and as far away as Kenya and The Gambia, all started litter running.

Since it was so much fun, the plan is to make it even bigger and an annual event - stay tuned for updates on World Litter Run Day happening the weekend of April 16, 2016!

Luke picking up trash along his running route

Darrell & I tossing garbage in the trash can

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