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Flipping the Script

21 Nov 2017 9:17 PM | Deleted user

Flipping the Script written by NSFA Member Sarah Newton

I attended a seminar last week led by the fabulous life coach Janice Hutton on behalf of the Certified Coaches Federation to get my certification as a life coach and launch my wellness business.

During the course, we learned about ‘the monkey mind’ and discovered how the conscious mind is like a rider and the subconscious mind is like the much larger but gentle elephant, provided the two were working in alignment.

We know how to apply this in the world of fitness, we set our goals and we tell ourselves what we need to for the sake of perseverance.  We know intuitively that by cultivating a clear sub-conscious mind, we can face hurdles with a sense of humor and stay on track. 

To some its easy and for others, not so much, but we understand the rewards of accomplishing that singularity of purpose that can only come when our conscious desires drive our underlying emotional passions. 

Later last week, I also attended a Mi’kmaq Healing Circle and learned that Mi’kmaq Elders hold a different perspective.  To the Mi’kmaq, the power of the subconscious is limitless, if we’d only learn to feed it proper thoughts.  

We know what to do in this regard… Begin each day with positive words. Speak how you want to feel but better yet, can we know what drives us authentically?

It requires self-reflection and honesty… and a sense of humour.  We can’t expect to tell ourselves ‘we got this’ when by applying inner-listening, we hear a different script coming out the proverbial ‘other side of our mind’ 

Self-doubt, fear of failure, abandonment, resentment, we secretly seek validation on other grounds entirely.  Since childhood everything we absorbed flowed in to set up our true expectations and guess what?  Not all messages we ingested were received in our best interest.

Of course, really getting a hold of the contents of your own subconscious requires reflecting back to those first six years of life.  What did you perceive and experience?  How did the world support you when you first reached out for love?  Go there and forgive and release all you find.  Build on what’s solid and have fun with it!

We feed our bodies with nutritious vegetables, we feed our spirits with uplifting music, so let’s complete the journey and give our subconscious mind the room to feed our conscious mind with that which we truly feel we deserve.

Feed your subconscious mind good thoughts, beautiful dreams, natural vistas, higher aims sure, but also feel the excitement of your goals and let that be the glue that binds you to them, allowing your subconscious mind to take you along for the ride.  

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.  

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