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PT: Personal Trainer Course (CH W19)

  • 27 Apr 2019
  • 5:00 PM
  • 05 May 2019
  • 3:00 PM
  • Private Location in Cole Harbour
  • 6


  • Student in 6 day certification course.
    *Please note: you must have current certification in RT or GEL or OAL to take this course. Anyone not holding one of these certifications will be de-registered.


 Personal Trainer’s Course


Limited seating - 6 participants only, registration must be received and paid in full no later than April 13th, 2019 to secure your spot!

PLEASE NOTE: This course will run over two weekends.  Attendance is required for all 6 days.


April 26th : 5pm – 9pm 
April 27th: 9 am – 4pm
April 28th: 9am - 4pm

May 3rd: 5pm-9pm
May 4th: 9am-5pm
May 5th: 9am-12pm & EXAM : Written exam will begin at 1pm, this exam is 3 hours.

Location: HRM (Private location in Cole Harbour with field trips to gyms within HRM)


Practical exam: You will be required to find a client and arrange a time with them for your practical exam.  The instructor has a gym in her home and will allow the practical exam to be conducted in her home.  If you wish to have the exam in a gym that you are more familiar with, you will be responsible for all fees that are incurred for using the space.                                           

Pre-requisites You must be currently certified in good standing in at least one of the following:


 You will also be require to provide proof of 20 hours of “on floor” experience.  This form will be provided to you and must be completed by your supervisor prior to the start of the course.  If you are self-employed we will accept proof of classes taught.

At the end of the personal trainer’s course you will be required to write a written exam and have a practical exam. 

You will also be required to present 10 written programs in a log format to show diversity in your skill set.  You will have six months after the completion of the course to complete the log.  You will NOT receive your Personal trainer’s certificate until the log is completed.

Once you have signed up and paid for the course, you will be sent the course package, which will include : The at home study package, The supervisor’s form,  and The Personal Trainer’s log book.

Text book: We will be using the same text book as the RTL course:  Weight Training Steps to Success.  If you do not already have this book, it can be ordered on Amazon.

All questions can be forwarded to Susan Hardiman :  susan@nsfitness.ca

 (See our course conductor's bios here: http://www.nsfitness.ca/Staff-&-Board)


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