Exercise Leadership Summit 2022

(#ELS 22)

When: Saturday, April 23, 2022

Where: Mount St. Vincent University, Rosaria Centre
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Registration link: https://www.nsfitness.ca/event-4680228

Download the ELS22 Schedule At A Glance: ELS 22 schedule at a glance.pdf


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COVID-19 Disclaimer

The ELS22 is subject to whatever COVID-19 restrictions are current at the time. We will post what those are closer to the date of the event. 

Should there be another surge in cases & the Nova Scotia government deems it necessary to go into another lockdown, the Summit will be cancelled and all registration fees will be refunded.

Presenters & Sessions

1. Helen Burns, BPE, CESP- CEP & PT, YTT 200

YOGA for Older Adults - Guidelines for Adult Fitness, and Mind/Body Classes: In this workshop we will recognize the challenges of the active older adult participant. Identify the benefits and precautions that you as the instructor would take into consideration when choosing a Yoga posture (Asana) to include in your class format.

Helen Burns has worked in the Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Industry for over 40 years. “A lifelong athlete” and an active Yogi, runner, and cyclist. Promotes and facilitates physical activity and a healthy lifestyle by teaching Yoga, fitness, strength, and personal training, including the older adult population.

2. Amber Allan

Cardio Combat Class: High energy class with great music and easy to learn choreo. Using proper technique of punches, knees and kicks, burn a ton of calories!  

Amber Allan is the owner of Amber Allan Wellness, Fitness & Wellness Coordinator Canada Games Centre & has been in the fitness and wellness industry over 15 years. She is a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Health Coach.

3. Chloe Luckett

Brain Injuries - Making Movement Accessible: Exploring what a brain injury is, and how to adjust movement to accommodate. Depending on the type of brain injury, the triggers and symptoms may be different. In some stages of recovery or certain cases exercise should be avoided, but there are many modifications that can be taken in several exercise or sport to avoid the need to stop altogether.

Chloe Luckett is the Program Coordinator and Community Educator for Brain Injury NS (BIANS).

4. Melissa Millar

The KEYS to mastering online teaching: Are you struggling to develop your skills teaching virtual fitness or pre-recorded classes? Or even avoiding it altogether? We can all just turn on a camera and teach but some instructors really draw a returning fan base and the reason is their dynamic presence and personality combined with virtual instruction skills! In this session you will not get technology mumbo jumbo; the goal is to explore the framework of a great online performance while also developing your presentation skills. Why wouldn’t you want to improve your ability to engage & inspire virtually? This session will help you expand your reach and be as versatile as possible when looking for fitness work or developing your own business. The major advantage to attending this session is the practice component. Bring your phone/camera and a sample of what you teach because we will rehearse and record so that when you finish you have more confidence and practical skills than when you arrived!

Melissa Millar has been active in the fitness industry for over 20 years.  She completed degrees at York University in Fine Arts and Kinesiology, then trained as a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor, Fitness Workshop Presenter, and Trainer Educator. In 2009 she was awarded the Fitness Instructor of the Year-Freestyle, presented by Fitness Life magazine in NZ. Melissa went on to run her mobile fitness company, MOTIVA Wellbeing and Fitness for 7 years before coming to work at MSVU as Coordinator, Fitness & Wellness. 

5. Line Marr

The Components of Balance: The primary goal of this workshop is to explore the main components of balance that research suggests are associated for best improvement in improving balance in older adults. Among a variety of fall prevention interventions, these components are specifically designed for improving balance control during ADL (Activities of Daily Living). This workshop, will provide examples of different types of balance activities that best address each of these components. Balance is a trainable skill!

Line Marr is a bilingual Trainer/Course Conductor for Fitness New Brunswick. Line teaches and trains instructors in many disciplines. Her particular interest is teaching fall prevention classes for Older Adults and Senior Aqua Fitness classes. She has been active in the fitness industry for over 33 years and has taught fitness courses, workshops and classes across Canada & the United States. She is a Master Trainer for the AQX Aqua fitness Leadership Certification program. Line is an active force for high quality training in the fitness industry. 

6. Nathan King

Healthy, Happy Hips: We will learn about the hip joint as it pertains to exercise & review some of the important anatomy and common conditions & injuries that might limit clients. With these in mind, we will conceptualize and practice how clients can work on mobility, stability, and strength in this important area. This will be an interactive session where you will need to use your mind & body to actively learn.

Nathan King is a physiotherapist and educator that believes we never stop learning.  His personal motto is “helping others help themselves”. Nathan is currently pursuing a PhD in education and has advanced certification in several areas including sports physiotherapy, hands-on (manual) therapy, golf therapy, and Exercise Is Medicine. He has a wide range of experience with active & inactive patients. 

7. Rick Horsman

Talking Shop - An Open Forum: Discussion hosted by Rick Horsman about various topics around our fitness lives.  We’ll cover 4 distinct bullet points and have an open conversation about each.  This will NOT be a lecture session, but an open, gently guided conversation.  We’ll cover some technical training advice, more intangible qualities for relationship building, tips and tricks for keeping your exercise selection fresh and interesting for your consumer and getting new people in your door.

Rick Horsman is our NSFA PT/RTL representative. He has worked at Saint Mary’s University since 2007 as a Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor.  Since 2016 he’s operated his own home studio in Cole Harbour named RickMyTrainer and in 2021 he won the gold award in Community Votes for “Best Personal Trainer” in Halifax.  He’s excited to bring his 15+ years of experience to the table and help everyone in the room grow their businesses and become more valuable to your clients and employers alike!

8. Kenney Fitzpatrick

Crossing Boarders: Using the Right Social Media to Build Your Best Community: Bring your laptop, tablet, or phone! We will look at "FITTY" - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Learn how each of the social media platforms work best, what each can achieve, what you need to be prepared for, and choosing the best one to promote yourself. 

Kenney Fitzpatrick is an educator and the founder oThe Q LGBTQ Creative Network which unites LGBTQ musicians and artists with each other and a wider audience. He is also the host of the Out Loud radio show heard around the world. 

Additional: CPR Re-cert (conference add-on)

Gordon will be back once again to do a CPR re-certification session at the end of the day. This is Lifesaving Society curriculum, level C. 


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