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Why should you pay for virtual fitness classes?

16 Mar 2020 9:48 PM | Deleted user

Giving the current state of affairs, I'm teaching virtual fitness classes.  I have gotten a lot of questions like "why should I pay for virtual fitness classes when I already have a membership?"  Here are my thoughts @fitnesswithklane

You may think its highway robbery for a fitness instructor to charge you $7.00 per fitness class, but consider the following reasons why:

1.) A payment of $7.00 won’t undercut other fitness instructors. 

Some instructors already own their own businesses and rent spaces and get paid per participant.  If I charge $5.00 a class, I undercut most instructors in the area.  Much more than $7.00 and people start to wonder if its worth the class.  So in the interest of respecting my fellow fitness instructors, I’ve chosen $7.00 as a fair price.

2.) Not all gyms I work for are paying me for the work I’m missing.

Some facilities are compensating me for the time I’m missing but others aren’t and aren’t even thinking about having instructors teach virtually through the facility.  So some instructors, myself included, are losing up to $250 a week in income.  That adds up when your fitness job rounds out the bills, rent and other payments. 

3.) I’m now renting space in order to teach you and that costs $$

With so many gyms and facilities closed, space is hard to find.  Have you ever tried teaching in your apartment?  The super does not like that!  That means I’ve had to get creative and while it would be nice to have the space for free, that isn’t the reality.

4.) Stay local.  You could get a membership to an online service, but you come to my classes because I know you and you know me. 

Yes, you could buy a monthly membership to an online service.  But that is not an individualized experience.  Fitness is as much about social interaction and community as it is your physical health.   Community is at the core of what we do.  It’s about community, not anything else, and I don’t know about you, but I need community right now to keep me sane.

I hope this gives you a little more insight into why I’m charging for virtual classes.  I know this is a trying time for everyone and at the end of the day, do what’s best for you.  But I hope you consider joining a virtual fitness class with any instructor in the next couple of weeks.  You need you fitness community as much as we do.

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