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Continuing Education Credits (CECs)

 *This page is about Continuing Education Credits for people who are already certified fitness leaders. 

To find out how to become certified please visit our Certifications page. 

 NSFA Members:  To have CECs added to your record, or to ask if a program qualifies for CECs, please email our Volunteer CEC Records Coordinator, Judi Harvey (judi@nsfitness.ca).

  The NSFA requires all of our members to earn CECs (continuing education credits) every year in order to maintain their certifications.  We offer two signature events of our own, and we recognize credits earned through events or courses recognized by our fellow NFLA members across Canada.

  How many CECs do I need?

- Group Exercise, Aqua Exercise, Older Adult, Indoor Cycling Exercise, Mind & Body, & Resistance Trainer Leaders all require 6 credits per year. 

- Personal Trainers & Course Conductors require 12 credits per year.

  Credits that aren't from pre-approved providers can also be recognized by NSFA, with approval from our office.  Members can also earn CECs for volunteering on the Board of Directors or committees and by writing guest blogs or contributing to our social media campaigns. 

Pre-Approved CEC Providers:

  The following CEC providers have been pre-approved.  That means ALL of their workshops qualify for CECs with us.  Please Complete your workshop or course and forward the proof of completion to Judi (judi@nsfitness.ca) to be added to your file.

- Body Blueprint

- MedeXN

- Any workshops offered directly by our NFLA Partners are also pre-approved, including their annual fitness conferences.

Social Media

  The NSFA will award 1 CEC to members who create guest blogs, vlogs, infographics or podcasts on an exercise topic for our website and social media outlets (Facebook, YouTube, etc), providing they meet our stated guidelines and are approved by an evaluator.  Members can earn up to a maximum of 60% of their annual CEC requirements via this format.

Exercise Leadership Summit (ELS)

  The ELS is the NSFA's annual professional development conference.  It  is held in the spring of each year, usually at a university campus in the Halifax area.  We award 5 CECs for the full day (4 workshops plus the AGM) and 2 for the 1/2 day (2 workshops) to NSFA members.  Non members may also attend and can receive a letter of participation upon request.

The Fall Brunch

  NEW!!  The recording of the 2016 Brunch with Kenney Fitzpatrick is now available in our online store for purchase. You will get access to the 2-hour video and a PDF of the slides.  Please Note: In order to get credit for the workshop you must also submit the homework to Judi.  Details are on the store page.

 On November 21st, 2015 we launched a new annual event, the Brunch'n'Learn.  This is a seminar style session with a presenter and of course, brunch.  People quickly started calling it "The Fall Brunch" and the name has stuck.

2015: Our presenter was Dr. Laurene Rehman of Dalhousie University (Halifax, Canada) who presented the very interesting topic, "Relationship Marketing - Why Emotional Connections to Your Clients Are So Important". 

2016: Our presenter was Kenney Fitzpatrick of the MSVU Students' Union.  Kenney took us through a fabulous variety of software applications for creating videos and graphics we can use to promote our fitness businesses.

2017: Our presenter was Laurie Di Guilio.  Laurie presented on Balance & Proprioception and "wowed" us with her knowledge and insights on the latest research and best practices.

2018: Our presenter was Heather Stevens.  Heather is a teacher and traditional Mi'kmaq dancer.  She taught us information about the value and meaning of dance, and other types of physical activity, in the First Nations traditions, and how to be culturally sensitive and inclusive of First Nations exercisers.

2019: Our presenter was Heather Creamer.  Heather is a cancer survivor and the founder of MedexN, a company that provided training for fitness instructors who work with clients with serious medical needs.  In the session she taught us about what post-cancer-treatment clients need to know about Lymphedema and how to keep them safe and comfortable while exercising.

The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-profit organization.

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.  

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