Past Events

2021 Exercise Leadership Summit (#ELS21)

Once again, due to Covid restrictions the 2021 Summit & AGM was held online. This time it was offered in 2 parts, in April & May of 2021. 


Contraindications in Exercise - Susan Hardiman & Rick Horsman

What Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine can do in Fitness - Kenton Sefcik

What Trainers Need to Know to Help LGBTQ+ Clients - Sefin Stefura & Aiden Waden-Lynk, NS LGBTQ+ YOuth Project, Cape Breton

Teaching Online: Rules, Tech, & Bringing the Money In - Terri Roberts

2020 Exercise Leadership Summit (#ELS20)

Due to Covid the 2020 Summit & AGM was held online in October 2020 as a partnership with Fitness New Brunswick.

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5th Annual Fall Brunch 2019

Presenter – Heather Creamer, MedeXN Fitness Institute

Topic:   Working with fitness clients who have Lymphedema.

ELS 2019

Big "THANKS!" to My Halifax for visiting us at our 2019 Exercise Leadership Summit and creating this video! - 

Exercise Leadership Summit - My Halifax - Things To Do In Halifax


Door Prizes: Spartan Fitness

Presenter Gifts:  Cortado Coffee Tasting Room

Venue: Mount St. Vincent University Athletics & Recreation

Congratulations to our annual award winners

Volunteer(s) of the Year: Leanna Conrod & Bill Norton

Student of the Year: Kara Bollivar

Also, congratulations to NSFA Chair Terri Roberts who received Volunteer of the Year awards from both the City of Halifax and the Province of Nova Scotia earlier this month.

This year we offered something new, and all-day course that participant earn a certificate for taking.  The course was SmartAlice Training about recognizing signs of domestic violence in our fitness clients.

ELS19 Presenters:

Karen Spurr – SmartAlice Training

Greg Simmons – Personal Development: Coach’s Corner with Greg

Robert Brownell – From the Ground Up: Stability, Mobility, Strength

Heather Dennis – Fascial Fitness

Kathryn Francis – Chair Yoga

Meaghan Kerman – HIIT Workshop

Mikaela Henderson – Nutrition Seminar

Kaycie Lane – Barre Master Class

Michael Angelo Williams – Freestyle Step Master Class

4th Annual Fall Brunch 2018

Presenter - Heather Stevens, Mi'kmaw Dancer & Educator

Topic: How dance and physical activity fit within 1st Nations culture, and how we can incorporate 1st Nations content in our fitness programs.


Sponsors for ELS18:

Presenters' Gift Sponsor:

Susan Hill of Artisans Window

Door Prize AND Award Recipients' Gift Sponsor:
Loblaws/Atlantic Super Store.

Key Note Presenter: Laurie di Giulio

Keynote presentation from RMT Laurie di Guilio. 

The Hip Hinge. The Fountain of Youth.

The hip hinge is a crucial movement pattern that permeates all aspects of our lives from infancy into adulthood. It is a movement pattern that we master as children but lose as adults. The loss of the ability to properly hinge at the hips increases load on the lumbar spine, compression of the SI joints and strain on the knees. It can increase the chances of developing low back pain, disc trauma, knee pain and injury. As we age, the loss of the hip hinge can increase our likelihood of falling which can severely impact quality of life in the elderly and even lead to sooner death due to complications from a fall. In this way, maintain the hip hinge pattern has the ability to add years to our life. It can be a fountain of youth. This presentation will introduce you to ways to assess the hip hinge (or deadlift) pattern, how to breakdown the movement into incremental stages, modifications and alternatives, and common problems/myths associated with the hinge/deadlift. Whether you work with elite level athletes or people in their 80's, practicing the hip hinge will bring improved performance, strength and prevent injuries across all populations.

Visit Laurie's website for more information on her work.

ELS18 Presenters & Sessions

1. Greg Simmons on Trends VS Fads

2. Maria Radelich on Fitness & the Pelvic Floor

3. Wanda Martin presents STRONG by Zumba® (Master Class)

4. Emily Rogers & Allison Keller on High Intensity Interval Exercise (HIIE) on Brain Excitability and Motor Learning

5. Virginia McIntyre on Bone Health

6. Grant Hatcher on Meditation

7. Laura Lundquist on Valgus Knee

8. Judi Harvey on Abs, Abs, Abs and a Ball or Two

9. Melissa Millar on 10 Essentials to Post Natal Posture and Core

3rd Annual Fall Brunch 2017

Presenter - Lauri Di Guilio, RMT

Topic: Balance vs. Proprioception



Margaret Lee - Bellyfit Sage Master Class

Catherine Knockwood - Pound  Master Class

Melissa Millar - More than Just the Mambo

Rick Horsman - A New Way to Look at Bootcamp

Devin LeBlanc - Change your Client's Lives Forever!

Lauri Di Guilio - 3 Keys to IAP

Heather & Karen from Alice Housing - Understanding Relationship Violence and the Role of the Fitness Professional

Jim Cyr - Wearable Fitness Technology

ISANS (Immigrant Settlement Association of Nova Scotia) - Working with Newcomers to Canada

Presenting Gift Sponsor:

Oh My Fudge!


Bellyfit International

MSVU Athletics/Recreation  

 Celtic Life Magazine


Bronze Sponsors:

Debbie Ford, TPI
Suzanne Milner, Managing Director,

Melissa Dearman, Eastern Passage Wellness Center

2nd Annual Fall Brunch 2016

Presenter – Kenney Fitzpatrick, General Manager MSVU Student’s Union

Topic:  Using social media's various video platforms to build an audience for your fitness business.

1st Annual Fall Brunch 2015

Presenter - Dr. Laurene Rehman, professor of Recreation Management at Dalhousie University.

Topic:  Relationship Marketing - why emotional connections to your clients are so important.

Fitness Friendzy 2014

Our 1st conference in a few years, and the last one under the "Fitness Friendzy" brand, our 2014 conference was held at St. Mary's University and featured sessions on Spin, Foam Rolling, Bender Ball for Seniors, Barefoot Workouts, Nutrition, and Ballet Barre. 

The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-profit organization.

We acknowledge that we are in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people.  

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