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 Every NSFA certification requires exams.  Everyone certifying with us for the first time must write the Exercise Theory exam and also complete the written & practical exams for their chosen specialty.  Those who have fitness credentials from other organizations can challenge the exams for a fee.

 All exams take approximately 1 hour.  The written exams are all multiple choice.  The practical exam require you to have a client or class participants to teach, and you can get a list of everything required in advance be emailing the exam email address below.

 The NSFA holds 2 provincial exams days per year during which anyone can do any written exams they wish.  We can also do written exams one-on-one with in-person proctors or via Zoom.  Practical exams can be done in person. They can also be done on pre-recorded video.

 If you took a course with us, the exams for that course are included in the course fees.

 If you are challenging an exam the fee is $35 per exam for Exercise Theory and every NSFA certification except Personal Trainer (PT).  The PT written exam $75.00 is and must be paid before the exam is written.

Practical exams for every certification including PT is $40.00.

To arrange for a proctor for a written exam, or for an evaluator for a practical exam please email us at info@nsfitness.ca with your location and dates & times you are available. An NSFA volunteer will get back to you as soon as possible with your booking details.  


 The fee for PLARs is $50 per assessment.
If you have a fitness credential from another organization, or you have university or college training that could lead to a credential, we may allow you to challenge for certification without doing the courses and assessments. This is a process known as PLAR: Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition.  We may also choose to waive one part of the evaluation process but not others.  Each case will be handled individually.  

  To apply for a PLAR please email your resume and proof of external credentials to info@nsfitness.ca.


 Anyone moving to Nova Scotia who is already certified by an Fitness Leadership Canada (FLC) or an ICREPs member organization (see below) needs to simply contact us with proof of your certification and your current 1st Aid & CPR.  We will instruct you on how to set up your online profile & how to pay your annual fee to us when you are due to renew. Please email Membership Services Coordinator  info@nsfitness.ca to begin this process.

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