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                                     Please click here for our latest update on the COVID-19 situation, and resources for exercise while in social isolation.

Dear NSFA Members and Prospective Students,

Courses and events for Spring & Summer 2020 are cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As of right now our venues are not booking new rentals so we do not know when Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 events and courses can take place.

We are working on creating a virtual Exercise Leadership Summit for Fall 2020 to replace our cancelled spring summit.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this unusual time,


The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-profit organization.

For course descriptions and full certification requirements, please see our Certifications page.

NSFA doesn't offer any online certifications. If you wish to complete the Exercise Theory Course via distance education please purchase the course through the Manitoba Fitness Council at this link  https://manitobafitnesscouncil.ca/product/exercise-theory-distance-education-package/. To complete this course you must write and pass the Exercise Theory exam through the NSFA. You can arrange to do so by emailing info@nsfitness.ca. Please note a $30 exam fee will apply.

Upcoming events

    • 12 Sep 2020
    • 10:00 AM (ADT)
    • 26 Sep 2020
    • 6:00 PM (ADT)
    • 10300 Highway 1, Paradise, Nova Scotia
    • 14

    Exercise Theory (ET)

    Deadline to register is Sept 5, 2020. 

    Learn the technical knowledge required for all NSFA/NFLA teaching certificates.

    Please note:

    - Registration closes 1 week before the course begins

    - This course is 3 days in the classroom, three consecutive Saturdays

    - The exam is NOT written during the course. The provincial exam day for the Fall term students will be in January 2021 at MSVU.  If you cannot write at this time/location a proctor can be arranged for you.

    - This course is required for the completion of all fitness teaching certificates. It is not a certificate to teach by itself.

    This is the pre-requisite module in the Nova Scotia Fitness Association’s (NSFA) Certification Program. This course covers the Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Nutrition, Safety and Legal Liability required to successfully complete the course work, and to work in the exercise industry with one of our specialization certificates.

    Date: September 12., 19, & 26, 2020.

    Time: 10:00am-6:00pm

    Fee: $300.00
    Fee includes: manuals, materials, exams, and NSFA/NFLA  associate membership for 1 year.

    Payment:  You can pay online via PayPal (this website will take you to the PayPal interface when you complete the registration information) or you can pay by cash or cheque. The NSFA does not accept any credit cards or e-transfers.

    Course Conductor(s): Terri Roberts, Linda Donelley, Doreen MacLean

    (See our course conductor's bios here: http://www.nsfitness.ca/Staff-&-Board)


    Paradise Community Hall

    10300 Highway 1, Nova Scotia

    ***Please NOTE*** as there are no restaurants or stores near by, a light lunch and refreshments will be provided.  Please bring additional or special food if you require it.

Past events

27 May 2020 Virtual Teaching 101 CEC
04 Apr 2020 Older Adult Leader (NSCC S20) CANCELLED
28 Mar 2020 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU (S20)
29 Feb 2020 Kettlebell Workshop CGC2020
25 Jan 2020 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W20)
11 Jan 2020 ICE at Dalplex (DP W20)
07 Dec 2019 Barre Workshop - Halifax (PWW19)
23 Nov 2019 OAL - Older Adult Leader (NSCC F19)
16 Nov 2019 Brunch - 5th Annual NSFA Fall Brunch (MSVU F19)
08 Nov 2019 AEL: Aqua Exercise Leader Course (DP F19)
02 Nov 2019 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU (F19)
26 Oct 2019 MBL - Mind & Body Leadership Course (PW F19)
05 Oct 2019 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU (F19)
28 Sep 2019 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (RECC F19)
20 Sep 2019 PT: Personal Trainer Course (CHP F19)
14 Sep 2019 Barre Workshop - Halifax (PWF19)
07 Sep 2019 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU (F19)
22 Jun 2019 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU S19)
04 May 2019 MBL - Mind & Body Leadership Course (PW S19)
13 Apr 2019 ELS19: Exercise Leadership Summit
16 Mar 2019 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU W19
08 Feb 2019 OAL: Older Adult Fitness Leadership - Truro F18
02 Feb 2019 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU W19
26 Jan 2019 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W19)
01 Dec 2018 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (Purdy's F18;2)
18 Nov 2018 Brunch - 4th Annual NSFA Fall Brunch (MSVU F18)
03 Nov 2018 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU F18
27 Oct 2018 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (Purdy's F18;1)
13 Oct 2018 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU F18
22 Sep 2018 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU F18
30 Jun 2018 Provincial Exam Day (Spring 2018)
16 Jun 2018 OAL: Older Adult Exercise Leader S18
26 May 2018 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU S18
05 May 2018 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU S18
27 Apr 2018 PT: Personal Trainer Course S18
21 Apr 2018 Spring 2018 CPR Recert
21 Apr 2018 Exercise Leadership Summit #ELS18
17 Mar 2018 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU S18
25 Nov 2017 RT: Resistance Trainer - SMU F17
18 Nov 2017 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU F17
28 Oct 2017 3rd Annual NSFA Fall Brunch
14 Oct 2017 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU F17
13 Oct 2017 Personal Trainer Course
06 May 2017 GEL: Group Exercise Leader Course (CHP)
29 Apr 2017 OAL: Older Adult Exercise Leader Course
25 Mar 2017 ET: Exercise Theory Course (CHP)
12 Mar 2017 NSFA T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs for sale!
05 Mar 2017 CPR re-cert (March 2017)
27 Nov 2016 The 2nd Annual Fall Brunch
26 Nov 2016 RTL: Resistance Training Leader Course (CHP)
12 Nov 2016 GEL: Group Exercise Leader Course (CHP)
22 Oct 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course (CHP)
30 Sep 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course (RECC)
28 May 2016 T4T - Training 4 Trainers (Course Conductors' PD Day)
16 Apr 2016 CPR Re-cert (Lifesaving Society)
16 Apr 2016 Exercise Leadership Summit 2016 (ELS'16)
20 Feb 2016 SFIC: Senior's Fitness Instructor Course
30 Jan 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course
21 Nov 2015 Fall Brunch 'N' Learn

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