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If a course you want is full please add yourself to the wait list (the wait list option will be visible when you try to register). Many times people de-register before the course begins allowing wait listed students to get in. If a course has a significant wait list we will also look at putting on an additional offering or we will attempt to find a larger venue.

Our courses & events will be offered again in the spring & fall of 2023, as we do every year. Details and registration for those will be posted later in the fall of 2022.

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The Nova Scotia Fitness Association is a non-profit organization.

For course descriptions and full certification requirements, including a free checklist for each certification, please see our Certifications page. 

NSFA courses may be taken in any order, but all of the courses required for each certification must be completed (including passing all exams) before the certification will be issued. A course by itself is not a certification or a credential for teaching/training.

If you wish to complete the Exercise Theory Course via self-directed distance education please purchase the course through the Manitoba Fitness Council at this link.

To complete this course you must write and pass the national Exercise Theory exam. MFC is our partner organization in the NFLA so the content is the same & we all use the same national exam.  You can arrange your exam by emailing Please note a $30 exam fee will apply.

Upcoming events

    • 11 Jul 2024
    • 6:00 PM
    • 10 Aug 2024
    • 9:00 PM
    • online via Zoom and one in-person day
    • 2

    Exercise Theory and Weight Trainer Combo

    Exercise Theory (ET)

    Learn the technical knowledge required for all NSFA/FLC teaching certificates (except AQX/AEL).

    This is the pre-requisite module in the Nova Scotia Fitness Association’s (NSFA) Certification Program. This course covers the Anatomy, Exercise Physiology, Bio-mechanics, Nutrition, Safety and Legal Liability required to successfully complete the course work, and to work in the exercise industry with one of our specialization certificates.


     Zoom Thursday, July 11, 2024 6:00-9:00pm
     Zoom Sunday, July 14th,  2024 9:00am-2:00pm
     Zoom Thursday, July 18th , 2024 6:00-9:00pm
     Zoom Thursday, July 25th, 2024 6:00-9:00pm
     Zoom Thursday, Aug 1, 2024 6:00-9:00pm
      In-person Exam Date  August 10th

    Fee: $199.00
    Fee includes:  Live Zoom classes, slide pdfs, written exam, and an NSFA Associate Membership for 1 year.

    The Fitness Theory course does not include a manual. If you wish to purchase one you can order it from MFC - Online store product (

    Payment: Payment must be received before the course begins.

    Course Conductor(s):  Heather Creamer.

    Please note:

    - This course includes evening sessions and 1 daytime session live via ZOOM (these are recorded so they can be watched later, barring any technical issue).

    - The exam is NOT written during the course.

    - This course is required for the completion of all fitness teaching certificates. It is not a certificate to teach by itself.


         Weight Trainer (WT)

    Learn to teach safe & effective weight training for good health, train clients 1-on-1, teach bootcamp & circuit classes, & supervise fitness centres.

    This program focuses on use of equipment and exercises, safety, exercise precautions, exercise technique, training methods and program design. 

    Students completing this certificate will be qualified to do basic fitness training with clients who do not present any major health problems.  WTs can train 1-on-1 (i.e. personal training) and can teach non-music, non-dance-based fitness classes such as small group resistance training, circuit training, boot camps, and HIIT classes.


     Zoom  Thursday, August 8, 2024 6:00 to 9:00 pm
     Zoom  Friday, August 9, , 2024 6:00 to 9:00 pm
     In person Saturday Aug 10th (Stellarton) 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

    The in-person day will be held at a a facility located at: 

    Mobility Health & Fitness

    101 Lawrence Blvd

    Stellarton, NS

    NSFA Member Fee: $300.00 - The fee includes pdf WT manual, materials, exams. 

    NSFA Non-Member Fee: $350.00 - The fee includes pdf WT manual, materials, exams.

    Payment:  Payment must be received before classes begin. NSFA accepts credit cards. Cheques can be made payable to the Nova Scotia Fitness Association and mailed to 

    PO Box 35011, Halifax RPO Bedford, NS B3M 0G3

    Course Conductor(s): Heather Creamer

    Venue: for the ZOOM sessions you will need a webcam with video and audio enabled. For the in-person portion, please wear workout clothes and bring indoor-only sneakers. 

    Exams: Both a written and practical exam is required to complete this course. Full certification also requires completion of Exercise Theory and a 1st Aid & CPR certificate.  No certifications will be issued without ET and 1st Aid/CPR completed.

    The WT written exam will be offered on the in-person day and is included in the course price.  If you are unable to write the exam that day, or on any of the provincial exam days,  a 1-on-1 session with an exam proctor can be booked after your course is finished. (An extra $35.00 fee applies for 1-1 proctored exams)

    Please also download the WT Completion Guide from our Certifications page for more information on the certification process.

    **Please note, all students in WT must also complete Exercise Theory and have a current 1st Aid & CPR certificate before this certification will be issued.**

    • 07 Sep 2024
    • 15 Sep 2024
    • Online and in-person (Zatzman Sportsplex)

    Are you interested in becoming an

    Aquafit Instructor?

    The NSFA has partnered with AQX, a leader in Aquafit training and certification,  to provide aquafit certification instruction for the NSFA, and we are now opening the opportunity for NSFA members and non-members to take this certification. 

    Dive into the principles of aquatic fitness and learn how to harness the resistance and buoyancy of water to design engaging exercise programs suitable for diverse populations!

    The training consists of 2 Modules: 

    Module 1: ( No prerequisite) This is the online portion of the course which includes: a 20-hour online Exercise Theory for Movement in Water, including videos and application activities and a downloadable manual. In-courses quizzes are included and there is no post theory exam. This is a self directed online course and can be done on your time, anytime!

    Note: Upon registration your contact information is provided to AQX who will reach out to you via email with your login information and access to the AQX Module 1 course within one business day. Make sure to check spam or junk mail. 

    **Module 1 is a prerequisite for Module 2. With the successful completion of Module 1 you are eligible to attend the in-person portion of the training; Module 2.

    Module 2: ( Level 1 is the prerequisite) This is the in-person portion of the  training and includes  live instruction over 4 days. (4 - 5 hours per day) with certified AQX Master Trainers. Practice applying what you have learned in the online portion of the course both in the pool and in dryland training. 

     The next Module 2 training will take place at the Zatzman Sportsplex in Dartmouth NS, on the following dates and times.

     Saturday September 7th, 2024  9:00 am to 2:00 pm 
     Sunday September 8th   4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
     Saturday September 14th, 2024  9:00 am to 2:00 pm
     Sunday September 15th, 2024   4:00 pm to 8:00pm 

    Certification is earned by completing Modules 1 and 2 and with the successful completion of a practical teaching assessment with an AQX Master Trainer (your instructors).  Those who have completed Module 1 and Module 2 can arrange for their practical evaluation with their AQX instructor when they are ready. An additional evaluation fee may apply.   

    Registration Fee: 

    Introductory Price!

    NSFA member pricing: $499 

    Non - member pricing: $599

    **Note: Last date to register for this session is August 24th.

    For the in-person Module 2 sessions, we require a minimum of 5 people registered. In the event we do not meet this requirement, the event will be rescheduled. 

Past events

22 Jun 2024 NSFA Exam Day June 22, 2024
08 Jun 2024 Excelerated ET: Exercise Theory (ZM F23)
25 May 2024 Barre Master Class Workshop!
27 Apr 2024 ELS24: Experience NSFA Exercise Leadership Summit 2024
23 Mar 2024 Exam Day Saturday March 23, 2024 1:00pm
16 Mar 2024 Learn to Teach STEP!
17 Feb 2024 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (CGCF23)
23 Jan 2024 ADE (formerly Older Adult) Leader (ZM W24)
20 Jan 2024 Provincial Exam Day January 20, 2024
22 Nov 2023 WT - Weight Trainer (ZmF23)
25 Oct 2023 MBL - Mind+Body Leadership Course (ZmF23)
10 Oct 2023 GEL - Group Exercise Leader (ZM F23)
20 Sep 2023 PT - Personal Trainer (H F23)
13 Sep 2023 ET: Exercise Theory (ZM F23)
24 Jun 2023 Summer Provincial Exam Day (MSVU S23)
10 Jun 2023 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (CGC S23)
28 Apr 2023 AEL: Aqua Exercise Leader Course (Zz W23)
24 Apr 2023 ET: Exercise Theory (MSVU S23)
22 Apr 2023 ELS23: Exercise Leadership Summit 2023
19 Apr 2023 MBL - Mind+Body Leadership Course (S23)
11 Apr 2023 ADE (formerly Older Adult) Leader (ZM W23)
15 Mar 2023 WT - Weight Trainer (ZmW23)
28 Jan 2023 Winter Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W23)
25 Jan 2023 ET: Exercise Theory (ZM W23)
18 Jan 2023 Coffee & Chat For Community Organizations - Winter Edition (W23)
26 Nov 2022 6th Annual NSFA Fall Brunch (MSVU F22)
16 Nov 2022 RT: Resistance Trainer - ZM (F22)
03 Oct 2022 MBL - Mind+Body Leadership Course (F22)
30 Sep 2022 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - ZM F22
28 Sep 2022 ET: Exercise Theory (ZM F22)
17 Sep 2022 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (CGCW22)
14 Sep 2022 Terri's Research Results Session
23 Jul 2022 Community Organizations Coffee & Chat (1st Annual)
25 Jun 2022 Summer Provincial Exam Day (MSVU S22)
18 Jun 2022 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (CGCS22)
27 Apr 2022 RT: Resistance Trainer - ZM (F21)
23 Apr 2022 ELS22: Exercise Leadership Summit 2022
09 Mar 2022 ET: Exercise Theory (ZM W22)
09 Feb 2022 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - (ZM W22)
29 Jan 2022 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W22)
12 Jan 2022 OAL - Older Adult Leader (ZM W22)
10 Dec 2021 AEL: Aqua Exercise Leader Course (CS W21)
27 Nov 2021 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (PW F21)
06 Oct 2021 ET: Exercise Theory (ZM F21)
29 May 2021 Exercise Leadership Summit 2021 - Part 2
04 May 2021 ET: Exercise Theory - ZM (S21)
25 Apr 2021 Exercise Leadership Summit 2021 - Part 1
24 Apr 2021 Annual Members' Forum Day (ZmSp21)
09 Apr 2021 AEL: Aqua Exercise Leader Course (CS W21)
24 Mar 2021 GEL: Group Exercise Leader -ZM (W21)
20 Mar 2021 RT: Resistance Trainer - ZM (W21)
02 Feb 2021 ET: Exercise Theory - ZM (W21)
20 Nov 2020 PT: Personal Trainer (ZM Fall 2020)
24 Oct 2020 2020 Virtual Exercise Summit
10 Oct 2020 RT: Resistance Trainer - ZM (F20)
07 Oct 2020 GEL: Group Exercise Leader -ZM (F20)
08 Sep 2020 ET: Exercise Theory - ZM (F20)
26 Jul 2020 CEC - Virtual Teaching 101 (Sm20)
22 Jul 2020 CEC - Virtual Teaching 101 (Sm20)
27 May 2020 Virtual Teaching 101 CEC
04 Apr 2020 Older Adult Leader (NSCC S20) CANCELLED
28 Mar 2020 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU (S20)
29 Feb 2020 Kettlebell Workshop CGC2020
25 Jan 2020 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W20)
11 Jan 2020 ICE at Dalplex (DP W20)
07 Dec 2019 Barre Workshop - Halifax (PWW19)
23 Nov 2019 OAL - Older Adult Leader (NSCC F19)
16 Nov 2019 Brunch - 5th Annual NSFA Fall Brunch (MSVU F19)
08 Nov 2019 AEL: Aqua Exercise Leader Course (DP F19)
02 Nov 2019 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU (F19)
26 Oct 2019 MBL - Mind & Body Leadership Course (PW F19)
05 Oct 2019 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU (F19)
28 Sep 2019 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (RECC F19)
20 Sep 2019 PT: Personal Trainer Course (CHP F19)
14 Sep 2019 Barre Workshop - Halifax (PWF19)
07 Sep 2019 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU (F19)
22 Jun 2019 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU S19)
04 May 2019 MBL - Mind & Body Leadership Course (PW S19)
13 Apr 2019 ELS19: Exercise Leadership Summit
16 Mar 2019 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU W19
08 Feb 2019 OAL: Older Adult Fitness Leadership - Truro F18
02 Feb 2019 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU W19
26 Jan 2019 Provincial Exam Day (MSVU W19)
01 Dec 2018 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (Purdy's F18;2)
18 Nov 2018 Brunch - 4th Annual NSFA Fall Brunch (MSVU F18)
03 Nov 2018 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU F18
27 Oct 2018 ICE - Indoor Cycling Exercise Leader (Purdy's F18;1)
13 Oct 2018 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU F18
22 Sep 2018 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU F18
30 Jun 2018 Provincial Exam Day (Spring 2018)
16 Jun 2018 OAL: Older Adult Exercise Leader S18
26 May 2018 RT: Resistance Trainer - MSVU S18
05 May 2018 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU S18
27 Apr 2018 PT: Personal Trainer Course S18
21 Apr 2018 Spring 2018 CPR Recert
21 Apr 2018 Exercise Leadership Summit #ELS18
17 Mar 2018 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU S18
25 Nov 2017 RT: Resistance Trainer - SMU F17
18 Nov 2017 GEL: Group Exercise Leader - MSVU F17
28 Oct 2017 3rd Annual NSFA Fall Brunch
14 Oct 2017 ET: Exercise Theory - MSVU F17
13 Oct 2017 Personal Trainer Course
06 May 2017 GEL: Group Exercise Leader Course (CHP)
29 Apr 2017 OAL: Older Adult Exercise Leader Course
22 Apr 2017 Exercise Leadership Summit #ELS17
25 Mar 2017 ET: Exercise Theory Course (CHP)
12 Mar 2017 NSFA T-Shirts and Coffee Mugs for sale!
05 Mar 2017 CPR re-cert (March 2017)
27 Nov 2016 The 2nd Annual Fall Brunch
26 Nov 2016 RTL: Resistance Training Leader Course (CHP)
12 Nov 2016 GEL: Group Exercise Leader Course (CHP)
22 Oct 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course (CHP)
30 Sep 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course (RECC)
28 May 2016 T4T - Training 4 Trainers (Course Conductors' PD Day)
16 Apr 2016 CPR Re-cert (Lifesaving Society)
16 Apr 2016 Exercise Leadership Summit 2016 (ELS'16)
20 Feb 2016 SFIC: Senior's Fitness Instructor Course
30 Jan 2016 ET: Exercise Theory Course
21 Nov 2015 Fall Brunch 'N' Learn

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